Meet The Person Behind The Name

Alethea Taylor is the President and CEO of Alethea Taylor LLC and AT Your Career Services. Having unlocked her personal potential, she offer services to help you unlock yours as a Human Potential Coach, Author, Actor, and Advocate for girls and women. She has built a credible reputation as a dynamic motivational speaker on the Women’s Conference  circuit. Committed to the advancement of strong, confident girls and women, she has dedicated much of her career to providing females of all ages with the tools necessary to succeed both personally and professionally.

Alethea's Work

Alethea wants people to live their life to the fullest.


Her passion and purpose have always been to help others achieve their full potential. She wants people to understand that they have unlimited choices and opportunities in life and not be afraid to pursue them.


Alethea's ultimate goal is to help others thrive, succeed, and reach heights they never imagined. Whether through her professional career and development coaching services from AT Your Career Services, or advocacy, storytelling, or personal growth coaching from Alethea Taylor, LLC, she loves helping others achieve their dreams.


She is particularly committed to the advancement of strong, confident girls and women. It is her heart’s desire and primary mission to help young girls and women build their self-esteem and recognize their worth, choices, and value they bring to the world.


Alethea holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and a Master of Education. She makes her home in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection.

Alethea's Books

In February 2020, Alethea released her first book, Truth Be Told, A Journey To Fulfilling Relationships. It's a phenomenal book about a variety of relationships and how they affected the women involved in those relationships. Through the book, she hopes to inspire women to seek happy, loving, fulfilling relationships. While the main characters in the book are all female, both men and women can gain insight and take away valuable lessons from reading this book.

Recently, in August 2021, Alethea released her second book, Let's Talk Pussy, Lives Depend On It. The purpose of the book is to education, inform, and encourage everyone to challenge the silence and stereotypes involving pussy and save the lives of girls and women around the world.

"I always tell people: your potential is waiting to be released!"

Alethea Taylor