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Truth Be Told, A Journey To Fulfilling Relationships

Relationships form the foundation of our lives. They're an inherent part of our individual and social development. They can be loving, nurturing, passionate, and complicated. But sometimes they can be challenging, depressing, painful, and even violent. Some relationships last a lifetime and others are merely brief interludes in our busy lives.

Regardless of the lifespan of your relationships, or if you're currently in one, did you ever take the time to indulge in some cold, hard, honest self-reflection about those relationships? It's so easy to point an accusing finger at your partner when things go wrong or to move on to someone new without taking the time to question yourself and evaluate the positive and negative about the relationship.

Be honest. Have you ever truly explored your contribution to the life of a relationship? You may be surprised by what you find - patterns, habits, and attitudes that sabotage instead of nurture. Unrealistic expectations for both yourself and your partner. Stubbornness, dishonesty, and ego. All factors that play a huge role in determining the success of a relationship.

Confronting the truth can be challenging and life-changing. But what's most important is that the truth really can set us free!
What's your Truth To Be Told?

Let's Talk Pussy, Lives Depend On It

Women are made of many parts - the heart, soul, mind, and body. Yet in today's world, girls and women have become a commodity, a product to be advertised and sold like laundry detergent. Lack of education and information at a young age about the power of their pussy implants the seeds of ignorance that evolves into a dangerous vulnerability. Without the knowledge or understanding of how the pussy affects every moment of their lives, they become easy prey to predators who will abuse, rape, traffic, enslave, or even kill for it.

Yes, pussy. A part of the female body that holds more value than all the currency in the world. A word so powerful many are afraid to speak it or refer to it with disdain. We are more offended by the usage of this word than how girls and women around the world are suffering because of it.

It's time for girls and women to take a stand and learn to respect, protect, and care for their pussy. The world itself is not the problem. The attitudes and mindsets surrounding it are. Saving countless lives should take precedence over our aversion to a word.

So, Let's Talk Pussy!